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Personal Training - Yoga is a superb way to relax, stretch and tone muscles improve your flexibility. Personal Training in Oxford - whatever your background, training from home can have distinct advantages Oxford - Nutrition and Personal Training go hand in hand to turn your life around

Personal Training - regular sessions based at your home

Nutrition Consultations - three stage health & nutritional assessment, metabolic typing, full written reports, meal planning and tailored advice

General Health Assessments with a written report

Personal Training

Personal Training is the core of my business and the most personally satisfying. Based on your initial full general health assessment and your personal goals, we will work together to move you towards achieving them. The Personal Training will include nutrition and other aspects of your well-being we agree upon.
I am a firm believer in a holistic approach to heath, fitness and well-being. As a result I have working relationships with many complementary therapists who provide the following services: acupuncture, food intolerance testing, Yoga instruction and sports injury therapy.

Nutrition Consultations

Many people do not want a Personal Trainer, but are keen to receive help and advice about nutrition. I have a tailored service for this based on three visits, each two weeks apart. On the first visit we will conduct a general health assessment, talk about lifestyle issues and start a food diary. Two weeks later we will review the health assessment, complete a Metabolic Typing questionnaire and start the first stage of implementing dietary changes. In the final visit you will receive a tailored eating plan, a full report on your food diary and the results of you Metabolic Typing questionnaire. The three stage nutrition consultation delivers the following...

A full general health assessment and report, with a follow up on my last visit

A two week Food Diary - with analysis, report and recommendations

Metabolic Typing assessment

Tailored eating plans

Follow-up sessions are available to support you through dietary adjustments. These are charged at the same rate as Personal Training sessions.

Full General Health Assessment - (also available as a gift voucher)

Many people don't want Personal Training or Nutrition Consultation packages, but are interested in having a check up on their general health. This is a one off session where I assess the following aspects of your well-being and health and provide a report with explanations of the findings and recommendations. The following is assessed...

Resting heart rate

Blood pressure

Lung function (PEFR)

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Percentage Body Fat

Percentage Lean Tissue

Hydration (water) levels

Key flexibility measures

CV fitness assessment

The report will give the above results and compare these with target ranges for healthy living and give information on what the figures mean. Included will be a series of recommendations on the most effective way to improve your health and well-being based on the assessment results.

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