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Why would I need a Personal Trainer?


Most of us know that regular exercise and good nutrition are important for us to be fit, healthy and happy. However, we all have many other pressures in our lives that take our time, energy, and focus.

Working with a home visit Personal Trainer provides the support and structure to ensure that you are regularly focused on your health and well-being, and this partnership makes a significant difference to what you can achieve.

Because Simon comes to you, it is easier to build your well-being programme around your lifestyle. With one or two visits a week, many people come to view their Personal Trainer as their ally in the creation of a brighter future for themselves and their family.

"I take a holistic view of Personal Training, and draw on many other disciplines to provide programmes that are very different from those experienced at the average gym. I am keen to ensure my clients gain flexibility and healthy joints as well as lean tissue, with the aim of providing optimum health and vitality for many years ahead."


"Exercise and training are for the young - it's too late for me now!"


Personal Training - It's never too late to turn your life around, wherever you live around Oxford, start making a difference to your life today. Absolutely not!


For many years we laboured under the misapprehension that exercise was only for the young.


Research increasingly shows that appropriate exercise, good nutrition, and work targeted at improving flexibility and mobility enhances general health and elevates quality of life whatever our age.




Resistance Training (lifting appropriate weights) has been shown to increase bone density, as a result it can help
protect against osteoporosis (frail bones) in addition to building healthy lean tissue. 

Regular and appropriate exercise has been shown to considerably reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce high
blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels. As well as improving mood, and our feeling of well-being.

Improving our flexibility and mobility is particularly important from our late forties onwards, it helps prevent
postural problems and ensures that our later years can be spent in the best possible health.

How it works

Personal Training - Yoga is a superb way to relax, stretch and tone muscles improve your flexibility. Personal Training in Oxford - whatever your background, training from home can have distinct advantages Oxford - Nutrition and Personal Training go hand in hand to turn your life around

·        One hour sessions, at a time to suit you and based at your home

·        I provide all the equipment needed

·        No gym or health club full of lycra clad beauties to intimidate you

·        Straightforward, achievable homework that gets results

Once your sessions are up and running, I will usually visit you every week to work with you on the health and fitness goals we have agreed for you.

At each session we will start by reviewing your homework, at the core of each session will be a tailored programme of exercises to move you towards achieving your goals. This might include activities often associated with a gym, or it could be stretches and postures to work on other health issues we are targeting. I do not have standardised sessions, each one is tailored to each client, their goals and current status.

Getting Started

After our initial contact, either by email or telephone, I will send you an Information Pack.
The Information Pack contains the following…

A general introduction to the concepts of Personal Training

How to prepare for each of your training sessions

Guidance on how to focus on what you would like to achieve from your sessions – your goals

A Contract of Engagement – This is not a legal document, but it outlines my commitment to you, and your commitment to me and ensures that we work in partnership to deliver on your goals

A health questionnaire.
Note: For professional conduct and insurance purposes, I am obliged to ask all my clients to complete a health questionnaire.
Completed questionnaires are strictly confidential.

Your initial consultation is free of charge* and will be an opportunity for you to meet me and to discuss your individual requirements in greater detail.


As part of your training programme I will set you homework. This may be to go for three half hour walks a week, or to have performed a series of exercises every other morning, or to have followed a particular nutritional programme, etc. Your homework will be tailored for your needs at any particular time and will change and evolve, usually on a monthly basis.

Sharing Sessions

If you wish to share your sessions with your partner or a friend, this is fine, and can make the process much more fun and rewarding for both of you – it is of course very cost effective too!

If you are considering making use of my services, why not telephone me for a no-obligation chat.  

* If you subsequently cancel my services before your first session, I reserve the right to charge retrospectively for your initial consultation at £25.

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