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Good nutrition can change your life, enhance your career success, improve your relationships and bring a smile back to your face.


We are only just beginning to understand the huge impact nutrition has on every aspect of our mind, body and spirit. Every day, new discoveries further underline the importance of good nutrition to overall well-being.

Oxford Personal Trainer - Oily fish is a great source of essential fats like omega 3. Oxford Personal Trainer - Oily fish is a great source of essential fatty acids like omega 3

Most people are becoming more aware of nutrition and its impact on our health and well-being. In recent years celebrity chefs and T.V. programmes like 'Embarrasing Bodies' have looked at the significants of nutrition on ailments and diseases, and the magority of the public are now aware of the importants of good nutrition to our overall health and well-being.

However, being aware of the need for good nutrition, and being empowered to implement it in our own day-to-day lives, are two very different things. There is often so much seemingly conflicting information, and whoever would have thought there could be so many different types of fat to look out for? How can we possibly read all the labels in the supermarket and get the shopping done in less than four hours, let alone make sense of all the information.

Then there is the issue of supplements. In an ideal world we wouldn't need them, a good diet would provide all our needs. However research increasingly shows that our polluted environment and intensive agricultural techniques are reducing the nutrient content of even organically produced foods. A recent study and BBC Radio 4 programme showed marked improvement in concentration and achievement levels of school children supplemented with Omega-3 fatty acids (as found in cod liver oil) against a control group in the same class.

One thing is for certain, our bodies are made up of hugely complex processes that are not fully understood by science. These processes are optimised for an existence in harmony with nature - this relationship has changed hugely as a result of industrialisation, and we are starting to see increasing indicators of the harm this is causing us at all levels of our lives. From obesity to depression, more and more evidence is linking poor health with the food we eat.

I can help you simplify the picture and gradually introduce sustainable changes to your daily eating habits that will bring about benefits to your health and well-being.

Simple, sustainable solutions get the best results.

Oxford Personal Trainer - Kiwi fruit is a great source of vitamins and trace elements, so good in fact, nutrtionists call it a 'Super Food'.If you would like to work with me on your nutrition, we will usually start by getting you to keep a Food Diary for at least two weeks. I will then look at modifying your dietary choices slowly in a way that integrates with your life. This way there is less chance of returning to old food habits, as we work together to introduce simple, positive changes to the way you choose what you eat.

I am a passionate supporter of organic and whole food produce as a major contribution to personal health and well-being, as well as the most environmentally friendly way to eat.
For information on local organic food suppliers and delivery services in and around Oxford, use the information below...


North Aston Organics near Banbury - Veg boxes to your door - telephone 01869 347702

Riverford Organics - based in North Devon but with distribution in Oxford - veg boxes to your door

If you know of other local small scale, good honest organic operations in and around Oxford, I would love to help raise their profile by promoting their services on this web page - do please email me with details.

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